…the origins

Cantina San Donaci, one of the oldest wineries Salento countryside, was established in 1933, by a group of 12 farmers, whose purpose was to develop the economy of their land and products.

In the course of time the number of partners of the winery has gone up, and today it counts approximately 300 partners, with an amount of grapes which varies, according to the years, from 25.000 to 30.000 quintals.

It has become an important reference point of Italian and Apulian oenology, thanks to its commitment and its long-standing tradition in the territory, playing also a great role in the history of Salice Salentino.



…recent years

Today Cantina San Donaci uses highly modern technology. The maceration in automatic vinifying containers with submersion of steel caps, the check of the fermentation temperature, the soft presses contribute to enhance the excellent organoleptic features of our products, pointing out the typical tastes. One of the most important features of our products is the irreplaceable ageing in durmast barrels, which refine the taste and enhance the high quality.

Now equipped with the most modern winemaking equipment, the Cantina San Donaci has concentrated its efforts in the last few years on increasing the quality of every single aspect involved the production of wine. Agronomists supervise and support member growers from the choice of grape varieties to plant and training techniques, advising them on methods of pruning and sound agronomical practices. Only healthy, high-quality grapes can produce quality wines: on the basis of this, the Cantina San Donaci rewards the work of its members with a thorough analysis of the grapes coming in and shares out the proceeds in proportion to the quality of the grapes delivered. 




Cantina San Donaci obtained the in the IFS Certificate (International Food Standard) in June 2015. This standard, required by the German and French market, seeks to achieve universal food safety in the context of complete transparency of the food chain. The IFS requirements for suppliers of German and French GDO are related to quality management and HACCP, resource management and management of production processes, measurements, analysis, and improvements. IFS standard consists of two quality levels: the basic level, which is the minimum required to obtain the certification, and the advanced level that defines the highest standard for the food company.

In addition to being sound and enjoyable, wine must demonstrate its own personality.  Imparted by the territory from which it originates, and by the technical capabilities, professional competencies and the specific philosophy of the producer.


Cantina San Donaci, in addition to the IFS Certification, also obtained the BRC certification on August 7, 2015 by the Italian certification agency CSQA. This certification required by the English market, is a guarantee to the final consumer, certifying both the production process and the standards of hygiene in which the Company operates. As can be seen from the certificate, Cantina San Donaci  has obtained the “Standard level” for the following stages: “ The Wine making (racking, filtering, clarifying) and bottling of still wines, including red, white, and rosè wines, bottled in glass bottles. Wine making (racking, filtering, clarifying) of wine in bulk, including red, white, and rosè wines.

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